Fig Amber & Musk Candle

Colour Guide

Give your room the attention it deserves with this all-natural soy-based candle infused with luxurious essential oils catered to your mood. 

Indulge in a combination of three fig scents, blended to perfection with the grounding and centering smell of amber and musk.

 10 oz- glass jar


Natural coconut soy wax blend, fig essential oil, amber essential oil, musk essential oil


    Fig, amber, musk




    • Please note my first burn is the most important as it will set the path for all future burns.
    • Please try to leave me burning for 1-2 hours on my first light to build a melt pool and prevent tunneling.
    • Although my scent is irresistible, please refrain from leaving me burning for more than 4 hours.
    • Make sure to trim my wick to ¼ inch before lighting.
    • Non-toxic – Sulfate free – Paraben free – Cruelty-free
    Appearance and size may differ slightly from pictures.
    Fig Amber & Musk Candle
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