Deck Your Halls for Christmas with BAR À FLEURS Roses


Whether you live near the snowcapped mountains or the stony shore, you’ll most likely be decorating for the holidays. From boughs of holly to lights and candles, we all want our home to be warm and welcoming. Traditions run deep and decorating for the holidays is a tradition that is ancient and hallowed.


This year has been full of ups and downs for our entire planet. For months, we’ve shared a common worry, whose shadow has hovered above some of our most revered holidays and family events. Yet as we plan our ritual of decorating, and prepare our spaces for the holidays, the memories of our youth remind us there are some things that can never be stolen from us.


Christmas lives in our hearts. As we all learned as children watching The Grinch, it isn’t about gifts and lists and department stores. Christmas is the season of hope and life. This is the time of year to be surrounded by joy and love, and sharing those feelings with your fellow man. Being enveloped in the warmth and beauty of the holiday season in our homes is a practice that we must maintain to keep the holidays sacred. Whether you choose rich deep reds and gold, or silver and white, relaxing at night as the tree sparkles and your space is drenched in beauty, fills you with joy. By keeping the meaning of Christmas traditions close to us through decorating and spreading good will, we keep that joyful spirit alive.


BAR À FLEURS Eternal Roses, are beautiful additions to your holiday décor. Decorating in a botanical way brings the beauty of nature indoors, no matter where you live. Our Roses are perfect for any season! For instance, make BAR À FLEURS Roses part of a larger arrangement by using other natural elements from outdoors like holly or snips of a fir tree. With our beautiful Ecuadorian Roses, the possibilities are endless! Start by choosing a color that matches your home décor or better yet, be daring! Go outside the box and choose a color that doesn’t blend in but rather stands out, by choosing colors that complement the existing shades in your home. No matter the décor or color scheme, BAR À FLEURS has the perfect arrangement to match your taste and vision.

 Are you decorating for a home by sea and want to stay with your beachy décor for Christmas? We recommend the Gray Plush velvet BAR À FLEURS box with Gold/Pearl, White, Sea Blue or Deep Turquois Roses. Imagine your Plush box encircled in an arrangement of beautiful seashells and stones you’ve collected from the beach. Add a splash of Christmas cheer with some red or white poinsettia blooms and voila! You’ve stayed with your beach décor but added your own special brand of Christmas cheer!  Even artificial silver or gold poinsettia blooms will look gorgeous. Hawaiian Christmas? Add some local flowers to your arrangement too!

 Decorate with our velvet Plush boxes in Green, Gray or both. With so many shades of Roses to choose from, our Plush box will go with any holiday theme from modern to traditional. Use one as the centerpiece for your dining room table, and surround it with things found in nature. Try pine cones, snips of fir trees, fallen leaves, fresh cranberries or herbs. Use a little spritz of paint on your pine cones and fallen leaves to give them a silver or gold shimmer. Place them on a holiday platter, a mirror or a cake stand to make your arrangement the focal point of your dining table. You can even tie a Christmas ribbon around your Plush box for an added accent. Show it off! You’re only limited by your imagination!

 Whether you’re placing them on your mantle, coffee table or dining table, our eternal Roses make a gorgeous centerpiece for any holiday botanical display. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with your arrangements. If you’re making one for your mantle, spread out! Incorporate other blooms or greenery to compliment your Roses and deck those halls with fresh pine, holly and lights. Just be sure to follow our care instructions. Take care of your Roses and they will last and last!


Unlike fresh cut Roses, you won’t have to worry about ours wilting, losing their petals and dying throughout the season and beyond. They’ll stay so fresh and beautiful, you’ll be able to create an entirely new arrangement come Valentine’s Day. However, our BAR À FLEURS boxes come so many vibrant shades chances are you’ll want to add more.


Remember, BAR À FLEURS Roses make beautiful gifts too! They’re always the right size, come in many beautiful colors and they won’t wilt or die like other flower arrangements after only a few weeks and in some cases, days. Your gift recipient will always remember your kindness every time they see your loving gift for months to come. Take note of your loved ones’ favorite colors. Imagine their surprise!


We hope we’ve given you lots of ideas to play with. No matter what, make your display your own. With our incredible Eternal Roses, we know your holiday décor will be beautiful. Feel free to send us photos of your unique creations! Maybe we’ll share them here next time!


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