A Mother’s Love is Like a Rose that Blooms Eternally.


All around the world, people celebrate Mother's Day in many ways. Most Mother's Days fall in May or June. Many countries have adopted their own interpretation of the holiday in the most basic meaning of the word, while some celebrations are rooted in more religious foundations. However, the celebration of Mother's Day generally takes place to honor mothers in a more personal way, meaning women who've either given birth to or mothered children in a loving and nurturing way.

Traditionally, mothers, moms, mums, mommas etc. are treated to a day of rest, pampering, flowers, and gifts. They are shown a deep appreciation for their years of hard work and sacrifice for everything they have done to give their children love, security, and preparedness for life. Motherhood has been described throughout the ages as the most challenging job in the world due to the amount of dedication it takes to raise an individual from infancy to adulthood and rightfully so.

Mothers come in so many forms, and many are not biological but rather a stepparent, an adoptive parent, or even someone who raised you or had a nurturing influence on your life growing up. Any woman who impacted your life and whom you looked upon as a mothering figure may be the person you observe as your mother and should be honored as well on this special day.

Saying "Thank you for all you've done to enrich my life" is a blessing to them. However, mothers are selfless and have proven that through their actions, which is why it’s so important to treat them to a day of appreciation. Giving her a special day is the best way to show your love and respect by making the day all about her for a change.

Just as your mother's love is like a rose that blooms eternally, surprise her with Bar a Fleurs a gift of eternal roses this Mother's Day to show her how you see and feel her love. Whether she is near or far, treat her like the blessing she is.

Our Soho collection has so many beautiful choices that whatever your mother's favorite color, style, or décor, there is a perfect BAR À FLEURS eternal rose to suit her style. Imagine her delight every time she looks at your gift and is reminded of how you see her as your eternally blooming rose.

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